Zac Efron on 6K calories a day, does this work for you?

People all around the world are wondering how Zac Efron got that new amazing body for the upcoming movie “Baywatch”. And they want to know what diet and workout he followed to make that awesome transformation in a really short amount of time.


While looking at interviews with Zac Efron about the movies ”The lucky one” and “Baywatch”, we noticed that in almost all interviews the question “How did you make that transformation?” was asked. He said some details about how he was training his ass off  with a real marine.


In terms of nutrition he mentioned that he ate 6,000 calories a day. Why on earth would he eat 6000 calories a day? This can be due to a lot of things. The really intense workouts that he might be doing more than once a day, plus cardio, plus a very fast metabolism. All this things together or apart burn a ton of calories,and you need to balance your body by eating more. Another example of this is Michael Phelps, who consumes 12,000 calories a day, the double of zack’s intake. So, should you follow this diet regime? If you are not training like a freak everyday, probably not.


Efron also mentioned that he ate 5 chicken breasts a day and a lot of eggs, that sounds like a very high protein diet. Studies show that eating very high protein diets (4.4g/kg/d) ( more high than the recommended) has no effect on body composition in resistance-trained individuals  ( compared to the group that consumed the recommended average-high protein intake). So don’t try this at home either, you will be wasting money, he is consuming way too much above what his body needs to build the optimum muscle level while being natural (assuming he is)


What we really recommend is please don’t take 6000 calories a day, or spend a lot of money buying 5 chicken breasts to look like Zac Efron. Calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and add some 300-500 surplus. Eat around 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, LIFT some heavy ass weights, and you will get the results.



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